Everyone C.

I am the daughter of patient, Javier. I would like you to look up his records, and thank every single Team, Doctor, Nurse, Resident & Staff Member that was in my Father's life during the last month he was in the hospital. He was admitted and passed away in the ICU on 12/12. He started off in Ghonda Observation and moved to the 7th floor, then to ICU, then to the 7th floor again, and back to ICU. With that said, he was around many different UCLA staff members. I couldn't be any more thankful on how everyone treated my Dad. They cared for him, and even though his condition was critical, they continued to fight for my Dad and did whatever they could to get him strong enough to go home. When my Dad was first admitted, he wanted to go home right away, but during his last days, he wanted to stay. He said to me that he was happy where he was at, in his words, "They are the BEST here, and they take care of me." My Dad was a fighter and the staff members stood by his side to fight with and for him. My Dad also shared with me that he made some friends there with the staff. They would have a conversation with him, and that alone makes my heart smile. My family and I couldn’t be any more thankful then we already are. My Dad’s team not only attended to my Dad, but they were also great supporters with his family. They always made sure we were comfortable, and constantly asked if we needed anything. I even had an RN talk to me about my Father one evening. She wanted to know about him, I shared photos and we cried together. The staff not only did their job, but they did it with a good, sincere, & caring heart. This is not how I pictured sending my gratitude to Ronald Reagan UCLA. As I witnessed the staff care for my Dad, every single day & every minute; I pictured sending you this message with him right next to me having so much joy to have him home for the holidays. It’s not until today, that I realized, him being in heaven should bring more JOY because he isn’t suffering any longer. He isn’t in pain and he is home with Jesus, our LORD.
Wishing you and every staff member at UCLA a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. May God continue to watch over you and stay strong for those patient’s & families that are suffering. May blessings overflow to you and your loved ones during the holiday season.

Much Love to each and everyone one of you,

Amber Victoria

By: Amber V.

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