Eric Y.

I've been seeing Dr. Yen since the Fall of 2018. I found Dr. Yen through your website and scheduled an appointment, after multiple encounters with my PCP at the time fell short of an accurate diagnosis. Dr Yen from the first time I saw him, exemplified CICARE. I never felt rushed, he listened to all of my concerns, and took the time to make an accurate diagnosis. Since I have been seeing Dr. Yen on a regular basis, my asthma has been much much better. Recently, I needed to contact Dr. Yen as I was running out of my daily inhaler (which costs over $300 without insurance). Currently, my insurance is scheduled to go active in February. Dr. Yen was nice enough to offer a few sample to tie me over and offered to bring them with him to the Torrance office so I could pick them up there. He even called me in addition to just responding on the portal. Dr Yen is not only great in his field of practice but he is definitely someone that all physicians could stand to learn from when it comes to bedside manner.

By: Kristi M.

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