Run Y.

This is my father's first visit here. The level of care is exceptional the moment we passed through the front desk. Dr Run stops by to say hello when we are with the nurse to get the blood sugar tested. Then, we went to the treatment room. He go through the whole history about my father's health problem, including the possible cause of my father's diabetes. He kindly correct an error in our medical record about the current insulin my dad is taking after reading through the medication description sheet. He also went through my father's other medical condition to make sure the diabetes management is well coordinated with his other health care needs. The nurse interrupted us twice about his upcoming patient, but Dr Yu doesn't rush us, go over the next steps, the reason for doing so, and a possible long term plan for better management of blood sugar. We had such an amazing experience here, and it well worth the 3 hour traffic and the high insurance copy because of the hospital location.

By: Simon S.

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