PTU and PACU staff P.

As much as I have been regularly annoyed and disappointed by UCLA's clumsy and cumbersome systems of procedure, I was almost overwhelmed by the gracious and compassionate care I was given by Nursing and attendant staff during my recent outpatient surgery at UCLA Santa Monica. I was prepped and handled with utmost respect, and my concerns answered with professional and amiable responses. The kindheartedness of the PTU and PACU staff and their professionalism reassured me I was in good hands, and I believe encouraged me to visualize a positive outcome for my surgery, which is no small thing. It was plain to me from the jump that the PTU and PACU staff loved where they worked, which along with their evident love for their jobs eased my mind. My experience has caused me to recalibrate my (now seemingly trivial) complaints regarding UCLA Medical, which I shall now lay off to the problems of all immense institutions.

By: Michael K.

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