May N.

Your team responded to my house in Torrance last Saturday late morning. My right side was mostly paralyzed and I could not speak. the rapid response and the work you did on me saved my life!!! With all the information you got and passed on to the hospital staff, they had the surgical team standing by and got me into the O R so quickly!!
They were able to go in through artery in groin and were able to remove the entire clot from the side of my head!! I woke up in the ICU around 2:00 and had full use of my arm and leg and with strength to squeeze and resist in all the tests they gave me to do!! Touching nose and finger tips with no problem. Was able to talk with a few stumbles but by Sunday morning could speek very well and could send text messages which I could not do Saturday evening. I was discharged Monday evening and home recovering well!! The point to all this is a heart filled with gratitude from me, family and friends for all you and your amazing team did for me Dr. Nour !!!!!! This whole thing was a Miracle and you were the first in a big part of all that saved me!! My hope is that this is seen by millions and that these units will be available to all who need them someday soon!! Merry Christmas to all of you. I got my Christmas Miracle!!!
Thank you all
Jeff and Dana

By: Jeff T.

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