Maddie D.

My wife was POD 2 after removal of PFO closure device. My wife slept most of POD 1 and did not walk and barely got up. Maddie set a plan of care for my wife at the beginning of her shift. One big goal was to walk. My wife did not feel up to it but Maddie was firm and caring and was able to have my wife complete her first walk by 0830. Through out the day Maddie was firm with the plan and my wife walked 3 times during the shift, sat in a chair with all meals, and had the chest tube removed. Without Maddie’s plan and caring attitude my wife would not have progress as fast. My wife was behind in her goals of recovery with Maddie my wife was able to get back on track and able to leave the ICU the next morning . My wife was discharged on POD 4 because of Maddie’s care. Maddie is an outstanding nurse that has an understanding how to approach patients. The care Maddie provides is compassionate and she is able to create a healing environment for her patients. UCLA medical center is lucky to have such an outstanding nurse.

By: Jacqueline B.

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