Lisa D.

Dear UCLA,
Today I had to go to your emergency room, where your welcoming team (Michael and others), your nurse Matthew Morrison, your x-ray technician Mona, and your doctor Lisa Dabby, took such extraordinary kind, patient, quick, but painstaking care of me that I had to write you this letter as soon as I got home.

One reads all kinds of articles about the mistakes which are made these days in medicine, but one rarely hears about the touchdowns, the slam dunks, the home runs that are made these days in medicine. Your team, under the direction I assume of your administrators and your doctors are providing precise, skillful medical treatment in such a professional organized and dignified way. I watched one male nurse put a patient at ease by taking her to a CAT scan room as though he were taking her to the prom. She laughed and I saw the tension drain away from her face. I saw your nurse Matthew Morrison treating two homeless men with so much kindness, respect and DIGNITY that it left me emotional, and all of this afforded to me as well.

[The same with your reassuring X-Ray tech Mona, and all of your staff]

At each step, one of your team checked in with me, making sure I was okay, asking if I needed a warm sheet or anything that would make me comfortable. Letting me know how my tests were going and updating me with the timing of things. And finally Doctor Dabby, putting me at ease with her warm, friendly bedside manner and easy-to-understand diagnoses. If you or your loved one had to be in an ER, you would want them to be treated by Doctor Dabby, Mona, Matthew, Michael and everyone else working on Thursday September 5th.

I know that their is only a place to recognize one team member at a time, but would you please give a hearty thank you of recognition to everyone who was on your staff tonight and especially Dr Lisa Dabby, nurse Michael (who’s shift ended a bit earlier than everyone else’s, Mona and Matthew Morrison) because I have never seen an ER team work so hard, not only to provide top-notch, 5-star care, but also to make everyone, no matter how rich or poor, how sick or well, feel like a valuable member of society, like a person who deserves great care and like someone that they’re truly happy to help. You have rare, wondeful magic going on in that ER and I don’t know how you do it, but you are all practicing medicine the way it has always wanted to be practiced. Bravo and thank you so so much. For saving lives while also providing care that makes people feel dignified and valued. I am grateful to you. Gerry K

By: Gerry K.

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