Katrina T.

Katrina is a very professional, responsible, and kind nurse! on Oct. 11 , she was my pre-op nurse. She is very considerate and take extremely good care of me. Even though I can barely speak any English, and my son have to translate for me, she have the patience to communicate with my son and I. Not only she offers to bring me blankets to keep me warm, she also helps calm my nerves, and answered all my questions. Most importantly, I have very tiny veins, and usually it took most nurses over 10 attempts to inject me, which resulted in bruises all over my hand and arm; however it took Katrina only one attempt and I didn’t feel any pain at all. Plus there’s no bruise at all! I’m so happy. Katrina is the one of the kindest and most skillful nurse I had ever encounter. I appreciate her very much.

By: Ya Fen.

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