Jennifer C.

I was under Jennifer’s care for two shifts. She quickly assessed my needs and worked to make me comfortable. Although I had received anti-nausea medicine, I was very sick to my stomach. I was nauseous and queasy. She intervened with my ordered meds but it was to no avail. I began throwing up.
— several times in the evening. While most cannot stomach a persons sounds and sights of heaving and the sound of vomiting and the sour smell of vomitus, she stood right there each time; with a vomitus bag; the sme caring eyes and face and concern in her voice. She helped me get through the afternoon and evening. When she was leaving she introduced the night nurse and handed me off safely. The next morning she was back. She did a great assessment of my leg and right away shared in my delight that I had an appetite. She had great clinical skills, able to care for my IVs, my nerve block lines, ice pack machine, SCD leggings, etc. she verified my identity when giving meds and reconciled my Med list. She exhibits passion and skill. I thank her for my care and for being there for me during a vulnerable time, embracing her needs.

By: Rosalinda G.

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