Frederick (Fritz) E.

The first time I met Dr Eilber in June of 2008, I had just had surgery for an abd tumor and it was determined that I had Leomyosarcoma and was referred to Dr. Eilber. I first found him very intimidating and rather arrogant. BUT I credit Dr Eilber for saving my life. He told me I had very little chance of living 2 years and here I am 11 years later doing well. He jumped on all the right treatments for me and kept on top of my progress and I came to really respect him. He found my second occurrence in 2013 and immediately sent me for surgery and followed up with chemo. I have since moved to Nevada and have a new doctor but I will always be grateful to Dr. Eilber for his knowledge and expertise in my care and referring me to the right people at the right time. Thank you Dr. Eilber.

By: Kathy B.

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