Dr. Kelly W.

Dr. Williams is hands down an exceptional doctor. My husband and I are from Southern California but live in Dubai at the moment. We decided to come back to California to have our first baby at 36 weeks pregnant. As you can imagine, we were wanting to find the best doctor possible when arriving to the US. We lined up 2 doctors to have initial appointments with. We met Dr. Williams first and she made such an incredible impression for us right away. She was patient with our millions of questions, understanding, extremely knowledgeable, gentle and kind. We connected with her immediately.

When we went to meet the second doctor (who had close to 100, 5 star reviews and barely was able to squeeze us in for an appointment) we couldn’t help but miss Dr. Williams. We knew she was the perfect doctor for us and our daughter.

We continued to see Dr Williams and with each visit, we became closer to her. We trusted her with all her decisions and knew she always had our best interest. She was extremely accommodating and always available to see us if we had any questions or concerns.

Once our daughter was born, she continued to visit us daily in the hospital. Dr. Williams didn’t just come in for 5 minutes for a fast check (like the other doctors) but instead took the time to genuinely ask how we were doing, feeling and overall well being. Dr. Williams has become much more than just a doctor, she has become our friend and we always look forward to seeing her. We highly recommend her to anyone wanting a doctor that will exceed your expectations.

By: Natalia G.

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