Dina G.

We had excellent service by someone at the front desk at the imaging center at UCLA/Ronald Reagan Imaging Center, 200 Medical Plaza, Ste. B170, and I wanted to share it with you.

I brought my 3 year old daughter (almost 4 years old) with me to my mammogram appointment, and the lady at the front desk (maybe an Office Manager?), Dina Guereca, was so kind and helpful that my daughter took an immediate liking to her. My usually-shy daughter struck up a conversation with Dina and decided to play a game where she pretended to run a restaurant and make food for Dina. Not only was Dina kind, considerate, and listened well to the little girl, but she played along and actually "ordered food." Dina asked questions and put a lot of effort into playing and choosing food, and she didn't condescend or ignore the requests to play. When she had to help other clients, it was a great opportunity for me to teach my daughter how to wait until someone wasn't busy to continue talking to them, and it worked really well, as Dina continued to play with her, rewarding the good waiting behavior. My daughter was so taken with Dina and excited to play with her that she wanted to do it right. This also helped my normally shy daughter to talk to some of the other clients present when Dina was assisting others, and I was so delighted to see my daughter open up. The smiles on the other clients' faces and their questions and volunteering to "order food" too were magical, and Dina's willingness to play along and encourage my daughter to talk helped brighten everyone's otherwise probably-not-fun wait for mammograms.

When we came out of the appointment, I wanted to thank Dina, but it turned out she was down the hall. As I found her, she was printing up a little treat for my daughter, a "Cooking Certificate" to thank her for all the wonderful "cooking." Dina had already gone above and beyond great customer service, giving my daughter attention and treating us both like important customers, and then she went even further. My daughter loved it, and I loved it.

I really appreciate the great customer service. We generally get pretty good customer service at UCLA, but Dina went way above and beyond in her cheerful, wonderful efforts to talk to her customers. Even routine mammograms can be a little scary, but I've never been more at ease during a medical test. Please deeply thank Dina for us. I'm glad she's there to make everyone's experience great and especially for the clients who might be facing mammograms for cancer followups. Thank you, Dina! Your work at UCLA Health is excellent, and you are really making a difference in people's lives there!

By: SMS S.

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