Carolina G.

Dealing with diabetes is difficult. Having a change in one's condition and watching a loved one deal with changes is even more difficult. My husband was recently hospitalized and placed on steroids that significantly altered his blood glucose levels. As a result, my husband and I had to learn how to manage his diabetes through insulin administration. Carolina took the task of educating my husband and I on this daunting task. From her first hello, I quickly realized Carolina is a very special person. Carolina embodies what it means to be a nurse. She is compassionate, highly educated, and able to convey information in such a manner that is easily accessible to two elderly individuals in a vulnerable position. We are so grateful and happy to learn from Carolina. Due to her welcoming approach and skilled teaching, we were both able to not only administer insulin correctly, but also understand why this was necessary. She was patient, non-judgmental and answered all of our questions with grace and ease. We both left that education session feeling confident to tackle this challenge. Thank you Carolina for all of your hard work and dedication to teaching us, you have tremendously impacted our lives for the better. Thank you.

By: Patricia R.

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