Arie H.

When you think of the embodiment of compassion what do you think of? I think of Arie and his wonderful actions. Arie exemplifies everything that CICARE stands for. I remember walking past one of my patient’s rooms and seeing Arie sitting down with one of my older patients who had Alzheimer’s. Arie, utilizing a unit IPad, found the street where my patient grew up and using google maps showed the patient his childhood street. No one told Arie to make this connection with the patient, he is just naturally a compassionate person. Arie made a tremendous impact on that patient’s life that day. However this is just one of many examples of the amazing work Arie is doing. I am fortunate to have met him, as he inspires all of us to inject compassion into everything we do. Thank you Arie.

By: Matthew R.

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