‘You’re Not Alone’

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“Valentines’ Day of last year I had a stroke,” reveals Jeff Heisert, who had a blood clot behind his right eye. “I was completely paralyzed and blind. Dr. May Nour, my interventional radiologist, went through my torso, through the right carotid that was blocked, and up into my brain. They literally pulled the blood cot out. Instantaneously, I could move again. It was amazing. UCLA Health saved my life. Then, they told me I could continue living the life I was and die relatively soon, or I can change my life. I wasn’t going to the doctor or taking care of myself. My father died of a heart attack at age 48, and my brother died of a heart attack at age 28. They didn’t get a second chance. Now, I’ve lost 100 pounds. I workout every day. No matter what, I eat healthy. I take my medications, and I go to my doctor routinely. I’m part of a stroke survivors group, and I want to be able to help the next group of people. I want to let them know they’re not alone in the next steps of their life.”

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you. I appreciate your kind words and support in my new normal as we call it.my next chapter in life will be what it is but it will be a healthier chapter for sure. I am doing well working out every day. i run and bike daily. when i had my stroke i was 365 370 lbs & as of this morning i am 225- 230. i continue to work hard to better myself mentally and physically with the help of my doctors and friends. i am doing better with just about everything I am lucky that way. On a personal note, UCLA has also offered me the opportunity to present my story to staff and other UCLA members on Feb 21st & 27th. if any of you would like to come please let me know. it is a great honor to help others. I consider it my responsibility to help and lead the next group of stroke survivors into their NEW NORMAL as well. I also have joined the NPFAC group with UCLA in hopes to bridge the gap for family and patients in their recovery from their stroke. if you are interested there is an app you can download & learn more about our PEER SUPPORT PROGRAM please go to UCLA PEER SUPPORT PROGRAM and or the NPFAC ucla and check it out.
Again i wanted to thank you for your continued support and kind words.

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