October 24, 2019

Stronger, Faster, More Coordinated

By uclahealth

“I didn’t play a sport before, so I didn’t have really good coordination,” confesses 14-year-old Shania Jemison, a ninth-grader at Culver City High School. Culver City High partnered with UCLA Health for the Sound Body Sound Mind Program.

“We didn’t have an area to go to the gym after school, and this program is helping us a lot with going to the gym in school. I play softball now, and I can catch and throw the ball well. I’ve become a faster runner, and I can do like eight pushups. There are machines that help with upper body strength, and with those, I can do 15 pushups. I want to say thank you to UCLA Health for giving us the grant to buy these machines and have this gym. I think it’s helped a lot of people.”

Learn more about how you can support UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind: https://spark.ucla.edu/project/16938

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