From NF to Adrenals

I was to start off by saying that I began my care with UCLA for treatment for Neurofibromatosis (NF) Type 1. My doctor at UCLA ordered a MRI which also showed a tumor growth on my adrenal glands, and was referred to Dr. Livhits. My 24 hour urine test also came back with numbers that were high. I went in for my first appointment with Dr. Livhits nervous but blind-sighted. She told me that she wanted to remove the growth and clearly described the procedure to remove it. I went on medication for a little bit pre-surgery.

My experience with actual operation could not have been any better. All the doctors were very kind and knowledgeable. The surgery was one of the easiest surgeries I've had in a while. It felt quick and I don't really remember much of it at all. I have to say that the night at the hospital was not the easiest, as I had trouble falling asleep connected to devices on my neck and legs that monitored and maintained my blood pressure. But by early next morning, I was up sitting and walking around. Before I knew it, I was discharged and recovering and home. My blood pressure also went back to normal almost immediately and I did not need blood pressure medication at all. I went back to work as a teacher right after a week.

It has been a little over 2 weeks since the surgery and I definitely do feel very tired, especially with NF. Thankfully, it is spring break so I have an extra week to rest up and recover. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don't worry about the surgery. It will be super easy. You will just go in for the surgery, spend a night at the hospital, and be home before you know it. Everything will be back to normal and you'll be in good hands with Dr. Livhits.

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