Joshua C.

This is by far the most invasive procedure I’ve ever had done in my life but with Dr. Cohen’s talented hands its the easiest and most (almost) pain-free surgery of my life. He has no idea how he’s given me my life back! I’ve suffered so much from severe pain from my myomectomy with Dr. Parvataneni in 2014 to the point that I didn’t want to live anymore. That is 5 long years of hell for me!!! I was in constant agony every month from my myomectomy complications and I didn’t think that anyone could help me. It was so bad that I had given up on motherhood (my ultimate dream) just so that I could live another day. I almost lost the job that I love from calling out too much! Dr. Cohen gave me my life back!!! I am so happy I can’t even put into words how grateful I am. I went into surgery with Dr. Cohen, unsure and very nervous of my outcome but I prayed day and night that he could at least get me better, even just a little bit. I mean I’d take it! I’d take anything to get me better from my severe scarring and adhesions from my myomectomy. Not only did Dr. Cohen make me pain-free, he also liberated me from 5yrs of hell and suffering. I feel so much lighter, freer, not constricted in any way. I felt such relief post op that I couldn’t tell if I was suffering from pain or not. I am so happy I got my old self back again. I used to think that drs are so used to performing so many surgeries that it was no big deal for them how they affect patients lives as long as “they deal with the problem”. But with Dr. Cohen’s talented hands, I am a new person looking forward to life. I know it’s very unlikely now but I may revisit my motherhood options bec of the way I feel after Dr. Cohen’s miraculous hands, nothing is impossible. I admit that I am not one who is very easy to please (ask my husband) but Dr. Cohen gets all the praise from me! Thank you, thank you, thank you

By: Sheila V.

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