Anthony A.

My husband became a patient of Dr. Aldave after seeing no fewer than 12 ophthalmologists and having 2 failed cornea transplants. Needless to say, we were very discouraged and fearful that he may never have sight in his eye again. However, from the moment my husband met Dr. Aldave, his life changed for the better. Here's why he's different: Dr. Aldave takes a great deal of time to observe, listen and communicate with my husband in a compassionate and humorous way. He is methodical and meticulous when dictating his notes to the fellow, and his obvious extensive knowledge of the cornea makes every appointment interesting. He delivers leading edge patient care with compassion, integrity and respect. We cannot say enough about the welcoming, healing environment Dr. Aldave creates at UCLA, even though we are new to UCLA.
Thank you, Dr. Aldave and thank you, UCLA.

By: Susan N.

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