November 8, 2018

From Apprehensive to Appreciative

By Jenny

The lump in my neck was first discovered when I was getting a facial. After bringing this up with my PCP, I got an Ultrasound and a biopsy done on this nodule, which came back for thyroid cancer. Hearing the word cancer shakes you, especially when my biopsy results predicted an almost 100% likelihood of cancer. My UCLA physician in Alhambra referred me to Dr. Yeh for surgical consultation.

While I was apprehensive about receiving surgery, the process was simpler than I expected. In comparison to other surgeons I looked up (who had 3 month wait times), I didn't have any trouble booking an appointment with Dr. Yeh, and I had surgery 1 month afterwards. UCLA gives you the support you need throughout the journey, and they truly care for you as a patient. The staff is on top of things, as they call you to remind you of your appointments and always return your phone calls in a timely fashion. Dr. Yeh is an amazing surgeon who is skillful at what he does. Although our drive over is 2 hours, we are more than willing to make this commute to visit Dr. Yeh. He is fluent in Mandarin, so being able to communicate with him without the need for a translator made the process easier.

Coming back for my 1 year checkup, I am happy to say that I feel great and had no complications from surgery. The scar is barely visible, and many people do not notice it unless I point it out. All my friends have noticed that I am more energetic, and my husband noticed that my complexion has become brighter in comparison to last year.

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