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May 4, 2018

Dancing for Kyphoplasty

By uclahealth
Dancing for Kyphoplasty

Dancing for Kyphoplasty

“I picked up something that was too heavy for me and strained my back,” says 86- year-old Ira Gawant, who struggled to find a solution for the compression fracture in his L4 vertebra. “I’m an actor but I haven’t been able to work for a year because of my back pain. It was recommended that I go to Dr. Hoffman for a kyphoplasty (the surgical filling of an injured or collapsed vertebra). Dr. Hoffman uses a minimally invasive procedure to put the cement in, and it worked! Another doctor wanted to put me on meds that would mean I had to use a walker, but here I am dancing. Dr. Hoffman saved my life. Whenever I go back to see her, I give her a hug.”

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