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January 4, 2018

UCLA Gave Me A New Life

By Mohawk Mike

In August 2017,  Dr. Veale at UCLA Medical Center transplanted my new live kidney into my body. I had been on dialysis for 2 years and was blessed with a live donor. The level of care I received from all the doctors and staff at Ronald Reagan far exceeded anything I have ever experienced anywhere else, and I have been in and out of hospitals my entire adult life. With vigilant guidance, I had a seamless recovery and have been living life to the fullest. I lost weight and have become more physically active. I was able to take up cycling and now ride 10 miles per day at least one day a week, sometimes 2 or 3!!! Other transplant centers would not take my case due to aggressive heart disease with inoperable heart blockages, but UCLA accepted me with open arms and gave me a second chance at life. I am beyond grateful for everything the doctors and nurses have done for me and continue to do for me now. I recently switched all my healthcare to UCLA from my previous providers. I don't want to leave you folks!!!

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Posted by @brotherwantstolive, Fri, Jan 5 5:56pm

My brother was also helped by this hospital with a 2nd chance. The other hospitals, gave him a 3 months to live. He went to UCLA and got part of the treatment. However, his insurance has run out and he still needs to finish his treatment. The insurance companies are refusing to approve his final treatments at UCLA and want to send him to a generic hospital that has no qualifications. How does one get UCLA and the companies to understand, my brother wants to live.

I Vasquez

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Posted by @babydoll007, Wed, Jan 24 7:45pm

It is an issue with the insurance. Talk to his doctor or social service worker at UCLA. Usually they can help you and fight for you to get your brother seen at UCLA again. Especially if he was already being treated there.

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Mohawk Mike

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Posted by @michaelanthony, Fri, Jan 5 8:10pm

Sorry to hear about the insurance. I went through that 10 years ago when insurance would not cover a particular nephrologist I really wanted. Had i been able to see him, I could have probably kept from ending up in kidney failure. Hope your brother can find a better insurance carrier.

I Vasquez

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Posted by @babydoll007, Wed, Jan 24 7:47pm

UCLA has helped me tremendously! I am a heart and double lung transplant recipient, 10 years post. Will never go to any other hospital.

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Posted by @grossing, Wed, Feb 7 3:26am

It’s always great to see people make the best of their second chance.

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