December 2, 2017

Feeling Better

By Bob

1 1/2 years ago my primary doctor said my calcium level was high. He referred me for a nuclear scan which showed I had an adenoma. But the doctor never followed up after that so nothing happened. When I next went to see him, he again said my calcium was high - I asked why he hadn't done something. At that point he referred me to a local UCLA doctor in Thousand Oaks. She told me I needed surgery as it was not going to get better. I was concerned as this was a delicate operation.
She told me there was no question - I should see Dr. Yeh as he is world -renowned.
Dr. Yeh did an initial ultrasound and said it was pretty large. I had felt that I was losing strength and getting weaker.
The surgery was a piece of cake. The people were tremendous - always told me what to expect. Since the surgery I am feeling so much better.

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