Long search for anesthesiologist

I had a near death experience to anesthesia at age ten during a dental procedure. That experience along with a lifetime of allergic reactions and sensitivity to medicines (heart rate would drop, hives, swelling of throat and eyes) often resulted in a visit to the ER or doctors office. Without to much detail, I learned early that the full dosage of a medication was too much for me. So, when I was diagnosed with large fibroids and told surgery was needed, fear overwhelmed me. Would I survive anesthesia this time?
It was important to me that I speak with the anesthesiologist that would be in the operating room. I wanted to convey my concerns and discuss the possible pitfalls and options. This was not an option at any of the local hospitals. Frustrated, I did nothing. My uterus grew and grew and now other medical issues compiled. Surgery was now a must and would likely be more complicated.
I contacted UCLA and the entire experience at UCLA was great, however, the doctor that made me feel comfortable enough to ink the surgery was Dr. Nirav Kamdar. I met with Dr. Kamdar at the Preoperative Evaluation Clinic to discuss my concerns and ease my fears. Dr. Kamdar listened to me (the patient). He answered my many questions. He was articulate, professional and had an ease about him that made me feel my concerns mattered. Later, I had a follow-up Telemedicine visit. This visit was awesome!!. I had my questions ready and Dr. Kamdar went through a list of questions, took notes and then provided me with his plan for an anesthesia cocktail to be administered during surgery and a plan for pain control after surgery.
Surgery was a success and the pain management medicine Dr. Kamdar designed resulted in my pain level never reaching a level three. Dr. Kamdar followed-up on my recovery as well. He was there the entire journey and I am so very thankful.

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