September 12, 2017

recurrent hyperparathyroidism

By johnsim9284

I am extremely grateful for Dr. Yeh and his entire endocrine surgery team (surgical fellows, nurse practitioners, RN's, office staff). I am a practicing physician in Santa Barbara. Through routine testing I was told I had a recurrence of hyperparathyroidism. This came as a complete shock to me as I had a surgical "cure" over twenty years ago. As a physician I realized that any "redo" surgery would be more complicated. Furthermore, the sestamibi scan ordered by my Endocrinologist had failed to localize any abnormal gland. My Endocrinologist advised further evaluation at UCLA with Dr. Yeh. A 4DCT study was performed at UCLA that clearly localized a single abnormal parathyroid gland. With this information, Dr. Yeh was able to perform minimally invasive parathyroid surgery. The surgery was a complete success only requiring a small incision. Dr. Yeh is an exceptional surgeon and I feel very fortunate to have met him and his team.

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