I always refer UCLA

I always refer to UCLA “I was having extreme pain in an area of my breast. I would get this shooting pain that would knock the breath out of me,” says Toni Stanton Harris, who felt a grape-sized lump during a self-examination, visited her primary-care doctor and found out she had stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. “My breast cancer was pretty dire and I had several complications. Breast cancer is so daunting, but UCLA is amazing in how they mobilize a team of healthcare professionals and a support system around you. With UCLA, it’s always a team approach; it’s never one-dimensional. They care about your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.” Now cancer-free, Toni openly talks about her struggle: “It’s been an amazing experience, and that’s why when I speak to people, to other warriors going through cancer of any kind, I always refer UCLA.”

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