A reason to live

juan-perez“Three years ago, my wife died, and I just gave up. I didn’t want to do dialysis anymore, so I stopped for a month and a half,” says Juan Perez, whose high blood pressure caused his kidneys to fail five years ago. Juan had started dialysis with UCLA Health right before his wife passed away. “(Nephrologist) Dr. Anjay Rastogi told me I needed to continue. He said my wife was going to be very upset with me if I didn’t take care of me. He motivated me to come back [and continue doing dialysis]. And I thank God I have another opportunity. I’m so thankful to everybody here, because otherwise I wouldn’t be here today. There are very few people like [those at] UCLA who really care for the patients.”

Your an amazing man,thankyou f9r sharing your story may help me and others
I to stopped caring about me.no family support.Noone dies if they live in your heart.and soul.Thankyou ,bless you through Jesus Holy spirit.Ucla saved me.dr.gopen,dr.yang..so greatful,no life 4 years alone suffering,i fell off the face of the earth..rare deasese superior semi cercular camal dehenscene

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