My great experience

It is horrifying to find out you have cancer. But it is a good thing that thyroid cancer can be cured. Since the beginning, Dr. Yeh has been supportive, open, positive and forthcoming with information,

The staff here is excellent. Jennifer is great and all questions were answered. Maya was excellent. For the surgery from pre-op to post -op and discharge all were wonderful people and so supportive.

I am a nurse navigator in oncology. As a patient, one doesn't always understand the process but it helps if someone prepares you by telling you what is going to happen.

It was a great experience and one that I will take with me. I would recommend this to my family and to everyone.

I had parathyroid surgery on Thursday, 07/13/2017. Dr. Yeh and his incredible team were simply the best. From the moment I arrived to the surgery center until the moment I left that same afternoon, everyone was wonderful. Every question I wanted to ask was answered before I asked it, and the surgery team anticipated my every need and concern. The minimally invasive procedure was absolutely the best choice for me. I’m a little less than 3 weeks to the date of surgery and the scar is barely noticeable. My recovery went perfect. Dr. Yeh told me to take an entire week off from work and I’m glad I listened to him. My only piece of advice to anyone who is considering this surgery is to take the week so you and your body can adjust to the signs of low calcium. I went back to work after taking a week off and started back at spin class. Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks and I’ve resumed all activities without issue.

I am very, very happy Dr. Yeh and his team performed this surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Yeh, the UCLA Endocrine Center, and UCLA Health to everyone. THANK YOU, DR. YEH!

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