Never giving up hope with kidney disease

My name is Sou. I was a dialysis patient; I am a peritoneal dialysis nurse and I am also a kidney transplant recipient. In November 2011, I was one of the lucky patient’s to have crossed paths with the world’s best nephrologist, Dr. Anjay Rastogi. Dr. Rastogi and his teams were very compassionate from the first day I became a dialysis patient. I recall Dr. Rastogi and his teams asking what I was currently doing, I replied I just recently started nursing school, and based on my answer they had a plan of care for me.

In May of 2014, I graduated from nursing school. I could not have done it without the compassion and encouragement from Dr. Rastogi and his peritoneal dialysis team. Because of the inspiration of Dr. Rastogi and his peritoneal dialysis team, I myself also became a peritoneal dialysis nurse all the while being a dialysis patient. As a nurse, most days it was not easy, there were many barriers I had to overcome. However, knowing that I was able to empower another dialysis patient and made a difference in their life made all the barriers I had to overcome very satisfying.

I never gave up hope that I would receive a kidney transplant. With the encouragement of Dr. Rastogi, his research team, and his peritoneal dialysis team I started listing myself at multiple transplant centers with the hope to one day get a kidney transplant. That all became possible on June 08, 2017 when I finally received the phone call from Mayo Clinic I had been waiting for 5 ½ years. I was lucky to have shared that phone call with Dr. Rastogi and my peritoneal dialysis team. On Saturday, June 10, 2017, exactly one month after I was placed on the waiting list at Mayo Clinic, I received my kidney transplant from a deceased donor. Dr. Rastogi and his teams personally stayed in touch with my family to help comfort and guide them through that anxious nerve wrecking waiting period of surgery.

Dr. Rastogi and his teams also constantly stayed in touch with me post surgery. No other doctor’s I have known has ever personally stayed in contact with me and to me that makes Dr. Rastogi the world’s best Nephrologist.

To me, as a dialysis patient, a peritoneal dialysis nurse, and a kidney transplant recipient; kidney disease is a very common disease. Kidney disease can affect a person of any age. However the general public is not really aware of how serious kidney disease is. With my new found health comes a new mission. I would like to help Dr. Rastogi and his team brings awareness, education, and the importance of organ donations to the general public attention while continuing to care for other dialysis patient.

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