Phrenic nerve damaged from stroke

I had a bicycle accident in the late 1980s (No helmet) and my head hit the concrete very hard. 12 years after I had a full stroke. I was OK for several years then I almost passed out and my heart went into A-fibrillation. Fast and hard. my breathing mechanism seemed to be damaged and I had several other uncomfortable symptoms. 6 months later my muscles began to waste. I couldn't tolerate exercise. I was out of breath all the time and tired. The doctors didn't car and dismissed it to anxiety. 8 years later my muscles have wasted away much more and I haven't been able to exercise since it happened. I found out a stroke can do nerve damage. My muscles snap, crackle and pop like the cereal. My muscles also feel like they move around. Very frustrating. I read information about phrenic nerve damage and I saw the video about David and I now believe I have phrenic nerve injury. It also looks like there could be treatment for me. I am 60 and have no life right now. I must now seek these doctors to get tested and get treatment.

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