Dr. Tseng is as good as it gets. Simply the best!

I'm forever grateful for my amazing team of doctors and nurses at UCLA. My care has been so well managed; with my every need anticipated. Yes, I went in strong, fit, and healthy; however it's their compassionate care, with my goals in mind, that made my story a success. My team was lead by Dr. Tseng. His confidence was so assuring, that I did not have a single doubt that everything would come out perfect and beautiful. And, this feeling is priceless.

I met Dr. Tseng shortly after my Geneticist gave me my test results and told me that I am BRCA2 positive. Dr. Tseng listened intently and answered my questions. He made certain that I understood all my choices and options available; allowing me to make an educated and confident decision. It has been a long, arduous journey preventing breast cancer; in which I could not imagine going through without Dr. Tseng.

I decided for the DIEP Flap breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy. My surgery was 10 ½ hours long. I never experienced any pain. The doctor's and nurses would ask my pain level and my answer was always zero, no pain. During my 5 day hospital stay, every detail was administered by the West Wing Staff… my medications, physical/occupational therapy, my basic needs, feeding me ice chips for the first 2 days, walking with me after the third day, scratching all those areas beyond my reach, draining my drains… everything!

I'm so grateful...For the advancement in medicine, and to live in this time period and reap the benefit; for all those before me who have endured so much and have made this advancement possible, I'm forever in your debt. I'm truly blessed!

Attached please find a photo taken 5 months after my surgery. As you can see, I did not exaggerate when stating that Dr. Tseng's work came out perfect and beautiful. And, so natural looking.

I was referred by Dr. Elizabeth Kim to see Dr Tseng for Diep reconstruction. I am truly happy with Dr Tseng, he was very carring about my problem. What is really nice is that Dr Tseng personally contacts you the night before surgery. He gives you his number directly should you have any problems after surgery. I contacted him three times once leaving. A message and two other times texting him. On all three occasions he returned my call within a few hours. I highly recommend Dr Tseng should you have a mastectomy for the DIEP reconstruction.

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