David’s Journey: Ewing Sarcoma

Our journey started back in 2014 when David was 3 years old. We took him to Children's Orthopaedic in Los Angeles for pain on his left leg. He could not walk and he was in a lot of pain. This is where we meet Dr. Mauricio Silva. He took X-rays and wanted more exams. David needed an MRI, so we were transferred to UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. After many different tests, Dr. Silva diagnosed David with osteomyelitis, and treated him with antibiotics. As we continued to follow up with Dr. Silva throughout the year, he did everything for David, who got better and was able to walk, run and continue with his normal life..

But 18 months later, David started leaping with pain again. At this time he was 5 years old. We took him back to see Dr. Silva, who this time requested a biopsy of his left tibia. In June 2016, after performing several tests, Dr. Silva called us to meet with him and two other doctors that he was recommending for David's need for a treatment. This is when our journey really began.  We met with Dr. Silva, Dr. Noah Federman and Dr. Nicholas M. Bernthal, and we got the news that David was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma.

Last July,  David started Chemotherapy treatment withDr. Federman, which lasted 14 weeks. In October, Dr. Bernthal did surgery on David's left tibia. At that time everything was so hard. We didn't know how David was going to react to his treatment and surgery. How can you tell a 5 year-old everything he was going to go through? Very hard! But David kept his smile on every step of the way. Now we are at the end of his chemotherapy. We are very very grateful for all the support that his doctors have given us. Always there for our worries, questions and concerns. I have always said with all respect God sent us his angels - Dr. Mauricio Silva, Dr. Noah Federman and Dr. Nicholas M. Bernthal. Thank you for saving our son's life. You have made a big difference in our life. Thank you!

❤David & Family❤

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