Dr. David Feazell is the best

My son's original doctor could not see us because of our personal vaccine beliefs. My insurance hadn't switched to the new doctor so we could only use urgent care for that month of insurance verification. We now have a new doctor who is from HEAVEN! Meaning, we have someone who cares about my son, like really cares about him. He is a teenager and was having some major school and home issues. On day one of meeting Dr. David Feazell (with his Tigger covered stethoscope), he built rapport and had a heart-to-heart with my son. He really listened and gave my son advice. My son is now thriving and happy cause of Dr. Feazell. My son this year had a facial rash and got the flu. Dr Feazell was there for us both times, seeing us at the office and also emailing to check up on him. He ends his email, " Keep me posted and feel better. " I am so glad we switched my son's physician, because now we are blessed with Dr. Feazell.

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