If it weren’t for Dr. Berke, I wouldn’t be having a birthday today

I had a very bad accident with among other injuries, a serious brain injury. Because of Dr. Berke, I was able to be transferred and seen by the best specialists at UCLA. The amount of care I received at UCLA was unprecedented and phenomenal from everyone. There are so many doctors and nurses and staff that I am grateful for, and almost too numerous to mention. They put me and my head back together, literally. From the care in the Nuero ICU (Dr. Manuel Blanco and Dr. Paul Vespa) and hospital, and the doctors and nurses that presided over me, to the therapists and nurses in the rehabilitation unit, and the surgeons and doctors who attended to my fractures, eyesight (Dr. Stacy Pineles), and reconstructive work, (Dr. Vishad Nabili and Dr. Reza Jarrahy), I am eternally grateful. I know there are more doctors that I am probably forgetting, but please know that I thank you profusely. UCLA is not only my alma mater, but my life saver.

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