Hope. A good doctor provides his patient with hope. He uses all his education, knowledge and wisdom along with empathy, listening and kindness skills to provide the best diagnosis and treatment for his patient. But what if you patient has a difficult diagnosis like lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)? What if there are so few of us that the chances of a doctor encountering one is 2:1,000,000?

A great doctor is one who provides hope for people with rare diseases. One who uses the best data available to him, uses his time and energy to constantly keep up with the latest medical developments so he can give hope to that one patient. A doctor who works with the patient's other healthcare team by proactively mentoring them so all doctors associated with the patient understand the disease and treatment so they too can also provide hope.

What Dr. Joseph Lynch III did not realize is, because of the hope he gave his first LAM patient, over 100 other LAM patients like myself have come to him for the hope he gives us to what is called by many a "hopeless disease."

Thank you Dr. Joseph Lynch, III for all your kindness and I "hope" you have a wonderful Doctor's Day!

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