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March 30th, 2017

23 years at UCLA

By samantha12

I began seeing Dr. Leonard Goldstein at UCLA in 1994. I was diagnosed with auto immune cirrhosis in 1970 at age five. I enjoyed seeing Dr. Goldstein at his "unique" office in building 200 where I made many trips over the course of 22 years. In February 2006, my 2nd life began with a liver transplant (#4006). I continued to see Dr Goldstein at his office another 10 years before his retirement in November 2016. My last time seeing him was in September 2016 when he gave me a lion picture from all of his memorabilia. I didn't go to see him one last time because I knew I would be an emotional mess but I will always cherish the wonderful memories of his care and understanding. I went to clinic in March 2017 to be admitted in the new system with my case manager, Anna Zafar. As I left the Pfleger Liver Institute, I looked out the window towards my very familiar 200 building and shed a tear missing Dr. Goldstein. I will ever be thankful & grateful for Dr. Goldstein & the UCLA liver transplant team for saving my life and giving me a healthier 2nd chance at life. I feel very safe being a patient at UCLA, I know I'm in excellent hands. A very special thank you to Dr. Ronald Busutill for starting the Liver Transplant Program at UCLA.

❣️ Samantha Mottet

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