Precision medical care from brilliant, caring experts

My UCLA Health hematologist Tina Wang, MD, is a brilliant scientist, zeroing in immediately on root causes with diagnostics and tests selected specifically to identify my problem(s). She proactively works with my other doctors to coordinate diagnosis and treatment that provides what amounts to integrated care, even though they are not in the same practice, yet goes beyond just the medical specialty I first visited her for. Her excellent training is evident in how she communicates appropriately and clearly, providing details needed for understanding and confirming that the information is understood by the patient and their family. She is respectful of patient's time and privacy while unhesitating to probe for any information relevant to her patient's health and providing counsel on treatment. She stands out as providing the highest level of care and professionalism that I've seen going to doctors and specialists frequently (unfortunately) for over 40 years.

The UCLA Health community is fortunate to have a doctor with the intensity and people skills that Dr. Wang exudes in her work with patients and other medical professionals.

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