My Love for UCLA

Hello! To be honest I have so many Doctors to thank. I have been an inpatient at UCLA four times in the last 11 months. I have two ongoing conditions, one being a GI disease and I must thank Dr. Kevin Ghassemi for my diagnosis. After suffering for three months at my local hospital I was transferred to UCLA and this is when I met Dr. Ghassemi. The GI is under control now, but Dr. Ghassemi has assured me he will always be there for me if I need him. Due to my GI disease I acquired some neurological damage, which the Neurological team went to work right away and diagnosed me as well. I felt in good hands with both teams. I currently see Dr. Timothy Chang and Dr. Gail Ishiyama in the Neurology Clinic. I cannot thank them enough for staying by my side and helping me get through the neurological conditions. My care will continue with the neurologist due to I'm not completely healed. The doctors have been available when I need them, whether it is via email or having them paged they get back to me right away. Today I was in the clinic to see Dr. Gail Ishiyama and for the first time she was able to see me walk into her office without my wheelchair! She was so excited, she wanted Dr. Chang to see but he was not in the clinic today, he would have had an ear to ear grin. I just know it! These Doctors have not left my side, they have not given up on me and continue to be there for me. The Doctors at UCLA are truly committed to their patients. I am currently in VRT and this was the advice from both Doctors, and it is helping, otherwise I would still be in the wheelchair. My two sons and I are so thankful for my care that I have received and will continue to receive. Thank You!!

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