A True Miracle

April 3, 2016...
After knowing I would need a liver transplant in order for me to live, I was overwhelmed to understand that someone would have to die, for me to live... how do except that?

My story began 3 years ago, I was seeing my liver doctor in Arcadia, CA. Dr Jacob Korula, he is very tied in with UCLA.
After being on the donors list for months, that one weekend my new liver was a match.

I was orange by this time and did not realize that my family was told I had about three months left. I was full of edema. My bilirubin was 22.

I stayed at UCLA on the amazing 8th floor until April 27th.

I had my regular Lab work done on Dec 30th and was called back to check into the hospital for test. There were some possible rejection in progress. After 10 days got to come home.

I am very blessed and Dr Agopian and his amazing team saved me yet again.

Loved seeing my nurses again doing so much better this time there. Of course, this is just the tip of my journey... my hope one day is to help someone else not have to have the same journey I have had.
I am also blessed because in July, I received a letter from my donors parents. This is not heard of to often.

Her name as Stephanie, single mother to 4 boys. She would have turned 48 in May.

Thank you for your time in reading this portion of my life at UCLA.

Thank you so much, I am very excited about this!
Is there anyway to get a paper copy of this?
Will you notify me when this comes out?

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