Did Everything By the Book

linda-johnsin-kass“I exercise all the time. I was fine. Then I had a heart attack,” says Linda Johnsin-Kass. Linda’s husband Aaron explains: “It’s genetics. Her mom and dad both had heart-related issues. She’s just one of the unlucky ones. Linda does all the things doctors tell you to do; she works out five days a week and eats organic food, but it’s hereditary.” When she was admitted to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after her heart attack, Linda also discovered she has a cyst that may be causing an infection in her bloodstream. Aaron says, “Once they pinpoint the source of the infection, they can treat it and get her back on her feet. They have really good people working here. It’s a great facility.” Linda agrees: “The ICU here is awesome. The care has been great, and everyone has been very attentive.”

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