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Hi all my beautiful people my name is Sharron Anderson and I was debating back and forth with my weight and finally wanted to live the Life God had given me and my children
I made the decision late in 2004 to change my Life after my Daddy had his heart attack unknowing to the outcome what had happen to Me
Its been prosperous to keep it off to the present and shock to see my before 315lbs picture to now 176lbs picture and keeping it off..before I had my surgery my doctor told me this was a tool to get healthy but I still had to do the work to make it stick I could make the change or be back to the same weight again in a few years to really think about this because this is a major decision that couldnt be reversed but in pondering before this and came to the conclusion to step out in Faith with both feet. What could it hurt and maybe it would change my life. The best decision I've every made in my life..I love whom I've become and helped all by my picture about my success. If you playing it over in your head then you are making the right life change thing of your life and my stomach is still the size of my thumb!!! This is a tool to change your life or to you go back to where you was .....I changed my life and elated I did..your follow Drs orders to the letter and move around as quickly as possible to heal fast. It's now 12 years yes i gain a little back but as you see my transformation was jaw dropping to all Ive came in contact over the years. I wont sit here and and say you wont gain some weight back but what you do next will change your life after that. I did gain some but i recognized what I had to do and rethink my thinking and started a cook page on Facebook(@GrandivaCooks) last year after I went back to 234 lbs and now today I'm 176lbs with the tools I was taught after having the gastric bypass so dont say you cant do what Can be done make your impossible your Possible and watch your best is yet to come.


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