Gastric Bypass Saved My Life

December 9,2014 is the day my life was saved. I weighed 347 pounds day of surgery. I had sleep apnea, I was experiencing menopause, had back and knee pain. I became winded just walking from the car to my house. I was severely depressed. Something had to change. At age 20 my obgyn told me my body went into menopause. I didn't have a period for two years, my system shut down. This meant no children would be in my future if I didn't do something. I would wake up every day in pain, felt as if I were 90 not early 20's.

Growing up I always struggled with my weight. Was always known as the fat kid even at work I was referred to as the fat bagger. I would go home crying. l struggled with low self esteem, self love and self motivation. I had tried every diet known to man, different workouts, wasted money on gym memberships and diet pills. I was sick of being teased, sick of feeling like crap, sick of feeling like a disappointment.

I went to my mom told her I wanted to get weight loss surgery. She researched, as did I for surgeons. My aunt had gotten weight loss surgery years ago. So she helped get us in the right direction.....

I had to go through so many hoops. I found a surgeon, he put me through test after test. Then my insurance said I had to do a 6 month diet pill before they'd approve me.

I unfortunately gained on those pills due to my antidepressants. So I was denied. I went to my psychologist, he put me on new meds. My mom luckily was up for new insurance. This insurance based the approval on BMI. I was finally approved. I was so excited, words can't describe what I felt.

I was scared, excited, nervous, emotional. I talked it over with my boyfriend, seeing what he thought. He told me no matter what, he'll always love me. I almost backed down cuz i was so scared. But I knew it needed to be done. Not only for me, but for my future.

The morning of surgery my mom, stepdad, boyfriend and aunt(one who helped) came to the hospital. I was so nervous but happy. After surgery I was super groggy From anesia.

I slept the first day. But after that I had to walk every so often and to try and drink. I was drugged so I didn't feel much... Until I went home.i felt so much pain cuz the medicine did nothing.

I remember crying my eyes out at night regretting it. All i wanted was to sleep. Eventually the pain subsided, and I could sleep. But the work wasn't done. I had to walk on a treadmill daily sometimes twice a day. The diets were horrible. 1 week liquids,1 week pureed,1 week soft, then finally some real food. I struggled with these diets. I lost a lot in the first couple weeks cuz i couldn't eat. Then as it proceeded to food I had to chew I would over eat and have to throw up. But I did it. I made small goals. And knocked them outta the park. With the help of my boyfriend, family, and friends I did it.

It's been almost 2 years......

I'm out of menopause, expecting my first child next March. My sleep apnea is gone, my pcos is under control, no pain,i wake up feeling my age. And the depression is slowly getting better. I'm a whole new person. My self esteem, self love, and self motivation is 1000%better. I am so glad I didn't back down.. since my surgery I've completed a 5k, I've worn clothes I've never dreamed of being able to wear, I've actually felt beautiful. Getting this surgery I got another chance at life. I am able to play with my niece and nephews, run and play I'm able to walk to the mail box and not have to catch my breath..

Anyone thinking of weight loss surgery do it. It's a life savor! Not easy by any means. But nothing worth living for comes easy!!

I now weigh 186.

I hope my story helps someone out there.

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