Professor, Doctor Sanaz Memarzadeh, M.D., Ph.D. saved our mother’s life!

Fanya-Bukhman.jpgProfessor, Doctor Sanaz Memarzadeh, M.D., Ph.D. saved our mother’s life!

It all started from my mom’s bleeding and our immediate visit to the nearest Hospital Emergency Room, almost 3 years ago.

We came to see Doctor Memarzadeh, seeking urgent critical second opinion almost 3 years ago.

Prior to this meeting, we had contacted two same category doctors, including our well experienced family-trusted gynecologist MD known to us for over 30 years and another strongly recommended surgeon specialist, who were practicing at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles.

We definitely witnessed some doubtful results from these initial doctors we had contacted…

My family and I were actively searching for the best possible doctor in Gynecology Oncology to help our elderly dear mother survive!!! We were running out of time with obvious challenges, which included the allocation of qualified specialist & proficiency, doctors’ schedule availability, locality, and our insurance acceptance.

The uterus cancer was already in its aggressive stage. Dr. Memarzadeh very efficiently managed to accomplish all the required initial procedures immediately without delay, including the challenging biopsy procedure, which the other experienced initial specialist doctor was not able to do, as the cervix was closed.

Dr. Memarzadeh quickly arranged and successfully performed the necessary surgery for removal of the cancerous uterus, utilizing the latest available robotic technology process and equipment at UCLA Medical Center.

After the major surgery, next day my mom was able to walk on the hospital floor and within a couple days had no need to take pain medication.

Dr. Memarzadeh had referred us to the best UCLA radiology and oncology doctors for the recommended followup therapy.

With a positive determination and God’s will, my 80-year-old mother went through the tough six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, which brought us to a good prognosis for the visible future with no sign of cancer.

Dr. Sanaz Memarzadeh is a brilliant medical doctor; simply a talented highly professional caring and exceptionally intelligent & decisive "Platinum-Olympian skilled" surgeon, who we completely trust and honor. She saved my mother’s life and keeps monitoring it in a reasonably good health condition!

God bless You, Doctor Sanaz Memarzadeh!!!

Highly Recommended

Bukhman family

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