Diagnosis – understanding

I experienced some issues with my health in 2014, my heart was beating extremely fast and my blood pressure was soaring. After a visit to my PCP I was referred to a cardiologist who diagnosed me with Non valvular AFIB. Xarelto 20mg was prescribed and I was advised to come back in 6 months. Because of my ignorance of health issues I experienced side effects from the medication and sought help at the emergency room when I did not need to do that. My insurance carrier (medicare supplement) advised me to go to ER after I contacted them. My PCP is Jason A. Hove and he told me he wishes there would be a way for patients to visit a nurse after these diagnoses were given and medication issued so the patient would be better informed. I agree, I did a lot of reading to understand my health issue and with input from my PCP was able to move on. For what it is worth, the side effects of the medication stressed me out substantially and that could have been avoided. Just an idea to help UCLA and the patient. UCLA is the greatest. Thank you to everyone who has helped me with my health, your staff is the best.

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