Urology Team Rocks

My husband, Robert, has been dealing with trouble with retention when urinating, due to damage to his sphincster muscle not working after radiation. He had a TURP done and also a AMS800 device put in to help control the bladder. Things were great for about 3-4 years and then just recently he started having the same spasm pains, and wanting to go, but when he tried, it only trickled. So Thursday, July 28th. 2016, he went to ER @West Hills Hospital and was catheterized. So it was determined there was a blockage. We called Dr. Ja-Hong Kim, who installed his device at the Urology department at Ronald Reagan Medical UCLA Medical Center, and the nurses he talked to were so pleasant and compassionate to his needs. They talked with him, and even called back to keep us up-to-date on what the plans were for his scheduled appointment today, August 4th. 2016. They did a CYSTO (Camera) procedure and checked the path to the bladder. There was blockage again and possible stones (kidney stones/or just stones, not sure). The nurse who helped take care of prepping and getting him situated for the procedure, Suchet, was totally awesome and accommodating with me and Robert. Dr. Kim was her pleasant and professional self. Explained things so calmly and made us feel like we had nothing to worry about. He has to have surgery to removed the scar tissue and clean the bladder, possibly remove the stones, if they don't pass during urination. They are small enough so they can. The entire staff that helped us were great and it is a pleasure to be dealing with them for Robert's problems. Thank You All So Much. God blessed us to be in a great network of healthcare providers and an "Awesome" Medical Team.

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