Cash’s Heart Journey

Hi Everyone,

We did it! Tomorrow is Cash's first birthday! All of you are on my mind and I just wanted to tell you how thankful for each and every person that has taken part in Cash's heart journey. It is because of all of you and your dedication to your practice that we have a reason to celebrate. I can look back and say from the moment that I came in for my first fetal echo,up to Cash's repair,you guys have got it together! You were always honest and straightforward with information and always very compassionate. From outpatient to hospital stays we have loved all the departments that makeup our cardiology team. You all are just AWESOME!! You guys really need to give each other high fives today, I mean it.

At our last cardio appointment Dr. Perens told us to go home, be normal and that is exactly what we have been doing. Cash has just taken off since his recovery and is currently taking about six steps at a time, you know those adorable wobbly baby steps. He has gone hiking to waterfalls,crawled up and down the shoreline,gone down slides,been in swings,stood at the tanks of the Long Beach Aquarium and look in wonder and pointed at fish,he has been to see all his little cousins without out fearing he would catch something,he regularly cuddles and torments his sisters:) All those ordinary everyday things have been an extraordinary gift. Thank you will just never sound good enough for what you all have done for our little boy.

Wishing you all the best, Raina, Chris, Emily, Lyla, and Cash

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