Life lesson to understand healing

It's been almost 6 years since I had my surgery for my lung cancer. I have been given this life opportunity to experience what it takes to recover from a major chest wound while I have been working in the field of thoracic surgery for more than ten years. Healing begins from inside of our body, it is not from the appearance of the wound itself. The incision wound is deeper than what we see, rather it has layers. In order to heal all those layers of wound for my patients I must attend to their emotion and spirit before their physical being. The healing must be coming from within the body in order to have a balanced recovery at the end. We use the western medicine for that physical being everyday. We must also integrate that eastern medicine for the emotional and spiritual recovery. I myself sought for that portions of recovery while my body was craving for them. I felt my recovery was completed at the end. Cancer did not define me but it taught me much valued lessons. I became a much effective nurse and a human being. I am able to speak to people begins with listening, I am able to look into people's eyes while touching their heart and I am able to tell them I care and I can help just by touching their hands. God almighty has given this gift in my later part of nursing career. I feel grateful with all my heart everyday.

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