Above and beyond in every way

For my entire life I’ve been the epitome of healthy, fortunate enough to not even so much as get a cold for the past 10 years. Shortly after turning 30, I had a growth on my tongue that I couldn’t get rid of. After seeing my dentist and having it biopsied, it was determined that I had tongue cancer and needed to seek treatment right away. Not knowing where to turn I took recommendations of where to seek treatment, and UCLA was at the top of the list. Wanting to keep my options open, I set up appointments at other facilities to meet and greet Doctors who were going to tell me how they were going to save my life. The first Doctor on the list was Dr. Maie St. John. That day my entire family came with me, being the over protective and loving family they are, we all piled in to the check-up room together. After 2 minutes with Dr. St. John I knew I didn’t need to meet any other Doctors, and they agreed. She took the time to answer all of our questions, talk us through her view of what was going on with me, and her recommendation for treatment. I never went to meet any other Doctors. To this day I know I made the right decision and couldn’t have found a better team of Doctors to take this journey with me. The entire staff at UCLA has gone above and beyond at every turn of my treatment, making sure that I am not only comfortable, but that my family is as well. Now, a year and half after my first visit with Dr. St. John, she hasn’t wavered on making sure that I come first in my treatment and she has been a huge support in my recovery. It is great comfort knowing that every visit you get to sit down with your Doctor and know that no question is too minor, and no detail in your life is too minuscule to share when it comes to your health. Follow up appointments with Dr. St. John are something I look forward to, and I can’t imagine getting that sense of support and comfort anywhere else.

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