Endocrine center’s integrated care boosts patient, staff dynamics


UCLA’s new Endocrine Center marks an innovative step forward for both our patients and our staff. Known as an integrated-practice unit, the center allows patients to receive all their related care in one location.

“Instead of going to radiology for an X-ray, to a surgeon for a consult and to other specialists for treatment, the patient sees all the specialists at the Endocrine Center in one visit,” says Michael Yeh, MD, medical director at the center. “Whatever they need, there’s someone here with the right skillset to help.”

At the same time, the center’s dynamics give our physicians welcome opportunities to exchange ideas and expertise. “Specialists here are continuously interacting and learning from each other,” Dr. Yeh says. “The informal exchanges are very exciting — we get better faster and the quality of care improves dramatically.”

The main Endocrine Center opened in December 2015 at 100 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite 310. Satellite clinics in Westlake Village and Torrance see patients every other week, providing the same one-stop care.

Endocrinologists and endocrine surgeons at the center treat children and adults with a variety of endocrine conditions. Same-day appointments can be scheduled, and patients often receive a care plan within an hour. Those who come from distant locations can go from diagnosis to surgery (if needed) to discharge within three days.

An integrated healthcare approach also better promotes team-based care, according to Dr. Yeh. “I see myself less as a surgeon than as a member of our team,” he says. “We’re all part of a group that works together to help the patient get better.”

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