I can trust my senior year health care with Dr. Alice Agzarian with no fear of the future

Dr. Alice has been the PCP for our family for 20 years. Started with my mother then after she passed away, Dr. Alice took care of my father and me until the police changed and my dad had to find another doctor for his care. But I stayed on even though I had moved from Culver City to Alhambra and I have to drive through notorious Downtown LA traffic for any and all appointments and treatments. Of course getting care from the world-renowned UCLA is definitely exciting, to me the added bonus, the major reason is the heart-warming, excellent care of Dr. Alice. Out of sheer coincidence I share with her a few similar family situations, therefore she knows well what I am dealing with in the family, at my job and in social settings. With my medical conditions I was not able to buy long term insurance, but I'm quite at ease with Dr Alice taking the helm of my care and I certainly feel relaxed facing my senior years.

I'm so glad I could have this chance to formally thank my Dr. Alice Agzarian and to know a beautiful red carnation will be presented to her make me jump up and down happy because this is what I would like to do myself, Thanks a lot! Let me also elaborate a little why I'm so thankful to get this chance to tell my story about Dr. Alice Agzarian:

I'm a caregiver to my 100 year-old dad, so I stay long hours in his nursing home, I can only find little time to do household chores. So I missed a good chance to tell story about my doctor when an agency called me at home and said I was on the list of person chosen to answer questionnaire about Dr Alice Agzarian. This caught me unprepared, I did say great things about her but since i was almost out of my door to go to the nursing home, I didn't stay for the questionnaire, I was very sorry that my good recommendation was not recorded.

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